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Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Sun Jun 19 22:58:05 CDT 2005

         Make sure the fields are separated by tabs.  Other than that, I'm 
out of ideas.

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At 09:05 PM 6/19/2005, Sam Guccione wrote:
>Well I am not sure what is happening but my WinAPRS installation does not 
>seem to find the config.txt or memory.txt file I created in the WinAPRS 
>directory because I get the Out of memory message after the station list 
>gets to 4096 when I have STATIONS in the config file set to 16384.
>Any ideas on what to try next?
>Sam K3BY
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>At 08:11 AM 6/18/2005, I wrote:
>>         It's been a while since I ran WinAPRS, but I have a file in my 
>> WinAPRS folder called "memory.txt" and it contains the following:
>>STATIONS        16382
>>MESSAGES        16382
>>PKTBUFFER       2000192
>>         I'm not really sure these are valid settings, but you might give 
>> them a try.
>         I was able to find the following in the WinAPRS documentation:
>memory.txt or config.txt
>Either file name can be used. It will look for config.txt first, then look 
>for memory.txt. Only one will be read. Since users need to be able to 
>configure the amount of memory being allocated for station lists etc, 
>before the program is launched and even if they are not registered, a 
>separate config file is set up for this purpose. It is memory.txt. It must 
>be located in the same directory as the WinAPRS.exe application. It can 
>contain the following commands. Use a single TAB to separate the command 
>and the argument.
>STATIONS n - this tells it how many stations to allocate
>MESSAGES n - this tells it how many messages to allocate
>PKTBUFFER n - how much memory to allocate for the packet buffer (8192 
>DESTROYICONS YES/NO - this is for WinAPRS ONLY and is to help debug memory 
>Version 2.4.0 and 2.4.1 did not destroy icons, version 2.4.2 did. This 
>will allow users to change the setting so that we can figure out what 
>works and what does not.
>If the memory.txt file is not present, it will default to the normal 
>station counts that it did in version 2.4.2.
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>         Earl
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