[aprssig] WIDE4 or > 6-19

Richard Montgomery kb4ytm at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 23:24:09 CDT 2005

Hello everyone,

Browsing the logs and thought I would post my latest list of WIDE4 and 
greater unproto paths. Seemed like a typcial day as far as number of 
stations in my logs.

I see the same situation here as Bob talked about a few days ago, with 
nearly as many digi's in my logs as mobile and home stations.

Hope this helps in some small way. Might get the word out to a user or 
sysop that doesnt know about the new settings and changes lately.

N9SHA-14  mobile station
KC4FIE-4  KY digi
N4XI-9  IN Wx station
AI9H-6  IN Wx station
KC4FIE-8  KY digi
N9IBS-1  IN digi
N9UT-10  IN digi
AA9MM-10  IN digi
K4HY-10  KY digi
W9MBD  IL digi
KF4QZN-1  KY digi
KB9PFU  IL mobile
N0KTA  KS digi !!
KB9LHX-6  IN wx station

KD5NBL  MS digi
N9IBS-1  IN digi
KD4TXF  MS home station
KB9PDM-11  IN mobile
W3DH  TX mobile !!
KA5YED-9  OK mobile !!

KX0L-2  KS digi !!


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