[aprssig] WIDE4 or > 6-19

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jun 20 13:48:42 CDT 2005

>>> Richard Montgomery <kb4ytm at gmail.com> 
>Browsing the logs and thought I would post my latest 
>list of WIDE4 and greater unproto paths....

Yes, this is the problem.
The only way to solve it is to use QRZ.COM and
atttempt to send emails to each station that seems
to not have been made aware of how bad RELAY
and WIDE are and how large N's are not a good
idea for digis and how HID must be off and the
digis should have the new-N timings.

Every few days, I send out a new set of messages
to local operators and emails on weekends when I find
the time in my area.  Be nice... of course.

>I see the same situation here as Bob...with nearly 
>as many digi's in my logs as mobile and home stations.
>Hope this helps in some small way. Might get the 
>word out to a user or sysop that doesnt know about 
>the new settings and changes lately.

N9SHA-14  mobile station
KC4FIE-4  KY digi
N4XI-9  IN Wx station
AI9H-6  IN Wx station
KC4FIE-8  KY digi
N9IBS-1  IN digi
N9UT-10  IN digi
AA9MM-10  IN digi
K4HY-10  KY digi
W9MBD  IL digi
KF4QZN-1  KY digi
KB9PFU  IL mobile
N0KTA  KS digi !!
KB9LHX-6  IN wx station

KD5NBL  MS digi
N9IBS-1  IN digi
KD4TXF  MS home station
KB9PDM-11  IN mobile
W3DH  TX mobile !!
KA5YED-9  OK mobile !!

KX0L-2  KS digi !!


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