[aprssig] Did ICOM DSTAR ever take off ? can it be used for APRS ?

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Tue Jun 21 08:35:45 CDT 2005

No, it is not "8 bit clean".  The radios use Xon/Xoff flow control and
use CR/LF as line terminators for position reports.

The D-Star interface for javAPRSSrvr passes all TNC2 format packets
heard on RF directly to APRS-IS (standard IGate operation).  It also
will gate (in TNC2 format) packets to RF just like a normal IGate.  In
addition, the interface translates the non-APRS position lines (CR/LF
delimited) generated by a D-Star radio in GPS mode into APRS position
packets which are also then passed on to APRS-IS.  These translated APRS
position packets can also be "echoed" back to RF for RF users with APRS
clients to see.

While some clients do not support direct KISS interfaces, to my
knowledge all do support TNC2 format interfaces.  It is actually much
more compatible (and simpler to implement) if the clients think they are
looking at a standard TNC2.

Also, the D-Star radios don't allow RF routing as you describe.  In
fact, there are no connections made with regards to this type of
operation (broadcast, just like APRS was designed to use).


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> Subject: Re: [aprssig] Did ICOM DSTAR ever take off ? can it 
> be used for APRS ?
> Is it not 8 bit clean so that KISS could be used?  A regional 
> TNC server is in my mind where DSTAR radios could be used to 
> connect to software such as yours that would forward each 
> packet received on through the APRS-IS.  With a different 
> (other than 0) device number, RF routing might be selected etc.

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