[aprssig] Did ICOM DSTAR ever take off ? can it be used for APRS ?

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Tue Jun 21 10:44:46 CDT 2005

There is no indication on the serial port as to the station of origin
for any data.  If the remote D-Star is in GPS mode for data (you can
still use it as a digital voice radio at the same time), the origin
station for the GPS information can be (and has been in the interface
for javAPRSSrvr) parsed with a fair degree of accuracy.  This is not
APRS, however, and so I will not go further into the details on this
SIG.  If you simply hook a GPS up to the radio in standard data mode,
there is no delineation of the sending station and so that information
would be useless.

Suffice it to say that there is gateway software written to take D-Star
position data and translate it into APRS format for insertion to
APRS-IS.  There is also the ability to send data over the D-Star data
link in TNC2 monitor format.  BTW, this is only addressing the VHF/UHF
radios running in digital (low speed) mode.  They act as normal radios
in analog mode and the 1.2 GHz radios provide an 128k IP transport
interface which can be indirectly used with the Internet.

The issue that Gregg brought up is regarding running an APRS client
directly into the RS-232 connection and I will attempt to address that
issue soon.


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> How do you know WHO is sending the data?  If it's converse 
> mode, only the data portion of the packet shows up, none of 
> the headers show up.

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