[aprssig] APRS freq in Puerto Rico

Keith Kotch kkotch at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 22 15:20:49 CDT 2005

I made a quick business trip down there and found a fair amount of APRS
traffic.  I was running a tracker consisting of my Dell Inspiron laptop (1
serial port, 2 USBs) a KPC-3 ver 8.2 into an old Kenwood TR-2500 HT into a
"matching" Kenwood brick amp.  The GPS is a Delorme Earthmate USB.  I
downloaded the new Delorme Serial Port Emulator which allows you to set up
the GPS to serve 3 separate virtual serial ports for 3 different
applications.  I use 2 apps, Delorme Street Atlas and WinAPRS.

I've had some issues with the program properly booting up and that bug bit
Monday morning on my way from San Juan to Juncos, about a 30 minute trip, so
I didn't track down there.  That evening, around midnight, I got it working
before leaving Juncos and it did track me back to San Juan and was Igated
just fine.

I'll probably be back in PR for a longer period of time in about 6 months,
maybe a short trip sooner than that. I appreciate the responses I received
to my question about freqs in PR.

Keith, KF4BXT

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I don't know if there is a "lot" of activity down there, but we even 
have a Tier 2 server in Puerto Rico http://puertorico.aprs2.net:14501.  
Good luck and enjoy!

Phil - AD6NH

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