[aprssig] Packet routing, path specification.

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> That is, that it also means the only thing you will be able 
> to do with the channel is what your local SYSOP decides
> you can do.   My experience is that this approach usually 

No such thing.  It does say that you can't define your path (or that if
you do, it is ignored), you can't _force_ the digipeater owner into
running their station "your way", and you can't break the network.  But
it doesn't say anything about what kind of usage you can do with the
channel ("Automatic Position Reporting System", isn't that what APRS
stands for?).

My experience is that well run and managed repeater systems (that is
what a digipeater is, after all) increase interest in amateur radio, not
decrease it.  Only when those systems are abused does interest begin to


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