[aprssig] Earthmate Delorme

Ron rgilson at adelphia.net
Wed Jun 22 19:07:08 CDT 2005

After some experimenting, I still can't get my earthmate to work.  First off 
my RS Digitravlier works with my D7 and D700 NO Problem.  The Earthmate 
works with the included software and a computer either USB or Serial DB9 via 
the battery box and cable.   I am using the shield to pin 5 and Red to pin 
3.  Delorme told me I needed +5 on pin 4 DTR in order to output NEMA.  With 
+5 on Pin 4 the green LED will flash and so will the amber on the battery 
pack.  This GPS will not output to the D7& or D700.  Am I overlooking 
something or what gives.  HELP!!  Thanks.
Ron Gilson

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