[aprssig] Determining paths

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jun 22 19:32:32 CDT 2005

>>> kkotch at earthlink.net 06/22/05 4:24 PM >>>
>Is there a way to see how local digis are set up 
>regarding paths and aliases, etc.? 

No and yes.  Again, that was one of the major goals 
of the New-N paradigm.  In the past, very few of
the digis followed the recommendations for how
to identify it unequivocally to its users.  No one could
ever tell what a digi would do in many cases.

The goal of the New-N Paradigm is not only to get
all digis to set up simiilarly, but to USE THE STANDARD
nomenclature in the posit text so there is NO
ambiguity at all about what each digi will do.  Look
for these identifiers:

Wn  - means it supports WIDEn-N
W2 - means that WIDE2-2 is receommended in this area
ILn  - means that ILn-N is supported (for Illinois etc)
R    - means it supports RELAY (obsolete)
W   - menas it supports WIDE (obsolete)
W11,W22,W21,W33 means it cannot support WIDEn-n
       since it is a PacComm digi, but that it will support
      WIDE1-1, WIDE2-2 etc..

Also EVERY digi should identify its TNC and firmware
version in its AX.25 TOCALL.

Again, getting all digis to clearly convey to the users
in these standard nomenclatures is what the network
really needs.  and is thereefore part of the New-N


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