[aprssig] Earthmate Delorme

Keith Kotch kkotch at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 22 21:30:47 CDT 2005

That's the one I've got, the "newer version" a/k/a Earthmate USB although I
don't have a D-700 and I don't have the battery pack/Bluetooth option or
serial interface cable.  I think they call the NEW NEW version the LT-20
which appears to be USB only however they have come out with a new version
of their serial emulator program.  It creates up to 3 virtual serial ports
to use with other applications, such as APRS!  I think it's proprietary to
Delorme's USB and LT-20 GPSs though.

Keith, KF4BXT

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You're thinking of the NEW NEW version. :)

Old Version - Rockwell Binary, Serial
Newer Version - SIRFSTAR IIlp Chipset, 3 Cradles (USB, Serial, Bluetooth), 
Battery Pack option
New Version - Sirfstar Again - USB

He has the 'newer' version.

--Droo, K1XVM

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