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[aprssig] Earthmate Delorme

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Thu Jun 23 02:33:01 UTC 2005

That's correct, the new Earthmate USB is the LT-20.

I wish that bluetooth to Serial adapters weren't so expensive, could use 
the bluelogger and a Bluetooth to Serial adapter with the D700. :)

Delorme is a little down the interstate from here.  I drop into their Map 
Store sometimes.

--Droo, K1XVM

At 10:30 PM 6/22/2005, Keith Kotch wrote:
>That's the one I've got, the "newer version" a/k/a Earthmate USB although I
>don't have a D-700 and I don't have the battery pack/Bluetooth option or
>serial interface cable.  I think they call the NEW NEW version the LT-20
>which appears to be USB only however they have come out with a new version
>of their serial emulator program.  It creates up to 3 virtual serial ports
>to use with other applications, such as APRS!  I think it's proprietary to
>Delorme's USB and LT-20 GPSs though.
>Keith, KF4BXT

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