[aprssig] Earthmate Delorme

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Thu Jun 23 11:17:07 CDT 2005

At 08:57 AM 6/23/2005, ke4nyv at hamhud.net wrote:
>Yeah, I have a Garmin 176C in my truck and I love it with the new Mapsource
>maps.  Worth its weight in gold.

I told Garmin I'm not buying Mapsource again until they get my street 
right.  Even City Streets V6 is incorrect because I checked it with 
an Ique M5 last week.  If you look at K1XVM on Findu you'll see I'm 
not "on" the road.  I'm 1000 feet away from it.  I think it's because 
of using a wrong datum when they imported the additional roads into Tiger.

Delorme SA2005 and Topo USA 5.0 have this correct *finally*.  Their 
maps from SA7 up to SA2004 were wrong in the same place.  I knocked 
on Garmin, Delorme, Navteq and GDTs chamber door about this 
:).  Delorme even has the interstate exits renumbered properly.  Now 
all they need is a good turn-by-turn PDA product.

>I'm with you a 100%.  I think what I'm more sick of is how some people regard
>the Kenwood radios as being the ONLY way to go mobile or portable.  I admit, I
>own a D7, its worth it to me for testing other devices with.  The RX sens. is
>sh** if you ask me.  It has already made a trip back to the service center for
>Thats mainly how I got into the HamHUD project almost 4 years ago.  First, I
>wanted to build somthing, second the D700 was WAY too expensive and third I
>just like to be different.  BTW, HamHUD IS Open Source and Open Firmware :o)

I'm familiar with HamHUD.  Pretty neat deal, but the D700 was a 'fell 
on my doorstep' kind of thing from my grandfather when I took my 
radio test.  I haven't had any problems with it thusfar, just that, 
as you know, it could be 'better'.  Which is probably why you're into 
HamHUD as well. :)

--Droo, K1XVM

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