[aprssig] Kenwood d7

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jun 24 06:56:43 CDT 2005

>>> James Jolin <jjolin at itol.com> 06/23/05 8:55 PM >>>
>There is a file on your website called d700-faq.txt.  
>Does this work for the d7 also?  I have to use band B 
>for aprs so I can use band A for regular stuff on the 
>d7 which is different than the d700.  Hope that helps.

Yes, Kenwood made the radios virtually the same so
setup is nearly identical.  And by putting APRS in
band A on the D7 then you can use the all-band
receiver on band B much more flexibly than A.  So
always set band A for APRS.  Then band B can tune

With only one exception.  If you have to tune in 
the AIRCRAFT AM band, is the only thing that
band A can do that B cannot.  But there are all
kinds of things that B can do that A cannot.  SO
except for the one exception above, it makes
little sense to waste band B on APRS.

And no, there is no speciifc file for the D7 since
they are so similar (thought maybe I should
add that in it..  thanks)

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