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> Around here we dont see any kind of success with that APRS-IS 
> feature at all.  Using that technique, the position is sent 
> ONCE and ONLY once.  If it collides, it will be a HALF HOUR 
> before the Igate 
> will allow another courtesy posit.   By then the NET 

Ah, then you have an issue with a particular gateway implementation.
And you are correct, gateways do prevent stations from flooding a remote
area with duplicate posits since it is the local hams (not the remote
ones) who would be adversely affected.

This is not an issue of "I want to do it via RF instead of the
Internet".  As I pointed out, other parts of the world are using
gateways between slow speed APRS networks and high speed RF backbones.
Why is it so important to allow everyone the ability to break the
network just because you want to see how far your packets can go?  Seems
rather egotistical to me, Bob.  And very inconsiderate of the other hams
in your area.

You seem to think that "we have fixed 70% of the problems with the new
paradigm".  That is not true and cannot be substantiated.  What you have
done is put a bandaid on hemorrhage, caused the bleeding to slow in some
areas, but it is still bleeding and will continue to get worse _if_
activity increases and _as_ people figure out how easy it is to get
around (we have people here using WIDE4-6 to get around local
implementations and they are causing a _lot_ of QRM because they are
trying to message with those paths).

Unfortunately, Bob, this is an all or nothing proposition (yes, it can
be done as a migration, but the end goal is to eliminate source-routing
100%).  The NSR algorithm is _not_ draconian.  It recognizes the fact
that the UI subset of the AX.25 protocol is a _broadcast_ protocol.  And
that if you allow one person to source-route, then you have allowed
everyone to source-route.  And if you allow everyone to source-route,
then you have the mess that you have today on 144.39 (and other
frequencies around the world).  And this is also a reason why the latest
AX.25 specification limits digipeaters to a maximum of two.


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