[aprssig] Packet routing, path specification.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jun 24 07:17:53 CDT 2005

>but the New-N is an incomplete fix... the kpc3 8.2's 
>don't work correctly.  I was all wound up (in a good 
>way) about the progress we made with the WIDE1-1,
>WIDE2-1 stuff.... until I found out that the KPC3 has 
>the additional UIFLOOD bug.  

?   I think you are referring to the "reported" 8.2 
UITRACE dupe bug, not UIFLOOD.    And please 
note, it was one report.  To date, no one has confirmed 
the bug nor reported on being able to reproduce that 
one report.

So I am still very leary that the "reported" dupe problem
in the 8.2 use of UITRACE  really exists.  In this transition 
period between supporiting WIDEn-N in UIFLOOD 
(old digis which give no indication of which digi did what) 
and in UITRACE (new-N digis which does trace WIDEn-N)
it takes very careful inspection to actually be able to 
correctly interpret what one sees.  And sometimes it
is just impossible to tell because of he lack of a trace from
the old digis.

>So, it appears we can't fix things the way they outta 
>be with the TNCs we have now...  

I dont think that is a true statement.  With great input
from a lot of folks, I think we have solutions for all
all reported anomolies in all ROMS and firmwares
and UIDIGI Roms except for the one single report 
above, which no one has been able to reproduce 
nor confirm.

So I would not rush to judgment.  Things  have really 
improved around here and we are still less than
half digis converted.


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