[aprssig] D700 not showing on internet

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jun 24 08:07:44 CDT 2005

>>> cedwards at trane.com 06/24/05 8:13 AM >>>
>We have a d700 that does transmit it's position 
>sometimes... However, most of the time, the 
>packets do not get through a digi regardless for 
>the path.... is there a setting on the D700 that 
>may prevent a digipeater from retransmitting the 

Yes, and it applies to any station.  Remember,
ALl digipeaters will refuse to digi a packet within
30 seconds or more of the last identical one.
So just banging away at a digi with the same
packet will only get digipeted once in 30 secs.
Appears to be poor statistics, when it is really
only the digi protecting the network from 
abuse.  This is another of the New-N advantages.

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