[aprssig] Packet routing, path specification.

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Fri Jun 24 11:34:41 CDT 2005

With these TNCs setting UID ON WIDE1-1,... causes the fix that _does_ allow
their continued use.  They are still in service as the primary digis
supporting the "New n-N Paradigm" across San Francisco and Monterey Bay
areas in NCA.  Works very well, no dupes.  Your frustration on this point is
not merited.
Decent suggestions at http://nwaprs.org
Bob has already provided workable solutions in response to Pete's message
saying people are "thwarting" the system.  While I do not believe we have
large numbers of users intent on thwarting the system, such users could
thwart _any_ system.  Rather, I think it's far easier to complain or feel
frustrated than to produce the real _interpersonal_ effort required to
improve the knowledge of our fellow amateurs.  But that friendly work is not
really difficult, only personal!
Talk to your "thwarters" on Field Day!  hi
73, Cap KE6AFE

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> I'm talking about kpc8.2 firmware taking a WIDE1-1 packet and inserting
> the call of the digi before teh W1-1, then marking down the W1-1 to
> W1-0, but not setting teh has been digi'ed flag....
> kd4rdb-14>W1-1,W2-1:mydata here...
> kd4rdb-14>DigiCall*,W1-0,W2-1:mydata here...
> when it should have been digi'ed as
> kd4rdb-14>DigiCall,W1-0*,W2-1:mydata here...
> I guess it is UITRACE.... but never the less it's broken in v8.2...
> which is what most of the digi's are...
> I've seen UITRACE broken on air at a digi in Charleston SC when I
> visited there two weeks ago, and you acknowlege the bug in
> http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprs/kpc3+82WIDEn.txt .  It's really
> not just "one report that has never been reproduced"... it's real and
> the uncovering of this bug undermines the work we all put into getting
> rid of RELAY.  Putting WIDE1-1 in the UIDIGI is no different that using
> the word RELAY in this context.... it still does not stop the dupes from
> happening when a digi hears a packet first with RELAY/WIDE1-1, then
> hears it again as some other derivation of WIDE2-x or WIDE4-x.  This is
> what frustrates me.... and it _cannot_ be fixed in the v8.2 digi's
> because Kantronics will not support the firmware anymore - even for
> hire.  As I said earlier, I don't hold it against them... I understand
> and accept their reasoning.
> Pete also makes a good point today publicly which I was avoiding
> mentioning publicly... there are people who will thwart the traps by
> running WIDE2-6.  If we had hop counters (or at least more intelligent
> UITRACE and UIFLOOD), those packets would be dropped.
> We are at a point where we have a mismatched, convoluted network... and
> it's easily abused..... if APRS continues to grow (and i have no reason
> to think it won't), the network will become busier and will reach
> saturation where I can't reliably track my neighbor around town.  I
> guess when that happens, a certain number of people will grow tired of
> it and peter out.  Then we'll reach a state of equilibruim, right?
> Things have improved greatly... and they can get even better.  Even with
> the fixes in the new system in place, I still see WIDE3-3 packets from
> virginia down here in SC, though....
> Wes

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