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[aprssig] Pocket PC

William McKeehan mckeehan at mckeehan.homeip.net
Fri Jun 24 20:02:44 UTC 2005

Does anyone have any experience with ARPS/CE?

Does it require a TNC or is there something like AGWPE that will work wihout a
TNC (like a soundcard TNC)?

On Fri, June 24, 2005 3:20 pm, Curt, WE7U said:
> On Fri, 24 Jun 2005, William McKeehan wrote:
>> Is there any APRS software that runs on the Pocket PC?
> Yea.
> Click on the link below then click on the APRS CLient Comparison
> Chart.  At the bottom of that chart are links to the programs
> listed.  APRSce is the one of interest.
> --
> Curt, WE7U.   APRS Client Comparisons: http://www.eskimo.com/~archer
William McKeehan
Internet: mckeehan at mckeehan.homeip.net

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