[aprssig] Firmware for KPC-3

Keith Kotch kkotch at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 24 22:14:43 CDT 2005

Best you can hope for is:
1) Someone upgraded theirs to 8.2 and still has the x.x chip laying around
and it's newer than what you've got.
2) Someone has the capability to burn an eprom for it.
3) Along the lines of #1, I think the 8.2 that came in the KPC 3+ was the
same chip that worked in the KPC 3 so maybe somebody's taking advantage of
the discounted chip prices for the current KPC 3+ upgrade and will have one
available for you.  (8.2 is the highest you can go in the KPC 3)

Keith, KF4BXT

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Can anyone point me in the direction of someplace I can get updated firmware
for an older KPC-3 TNC?

--Dave ô¿ô¬ N7DRH
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