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[aprssig] Field Day balloon repeater - question

Bruce & Leigh Coates bruce.coates at sasktel.net
Sat Jun 25 17:31:41 UTC 2005

Hi Art

Now that I read my own post I notice that I neglected to mention that it 
would be a tethered balloon.  (I like to get my equipment back ;-) ).  Out 
here on the prairies, a little bit of altitude goes a long way.  Even few 
hundred feet would give us enough coverage for a typical search area.  Calm 
day are few and far between as well so that why I'm also looking at the 
possibility of kites.

73, Bruce

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> Free ranging balloons drift with the wind, .............
> Kites are more practical, though not for the weak at heart.......
> Before leaving the topic, the government had plans to launch tethered 
> balloons along the Mexican border................

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