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[aprssig] perl code to distinguish MIC-E packet

Tapio Sokura oh2kku at iki.fi
Tue Jun 28 06:41:41 UTC 2005

Rich Parry wrote:
> I'm working on a perl script and need a means to determine if a packet 
> is a MIC-E encoded. I am not necessarily looking for perl code, I just 
> need a way to examine a packet and know if it is MIC-E encoded or not.
> Apologies for my laziness. I am sure it is explained in detail in the 
> APRS Protocol standard, I thought someone here could give me a hint.

Look at page 27 of the version 1.0.1 PDF (page 17 on the page numbers 
shown on the document). If you need to decode the actual data, check the 
document index for the chapter that talks about mic-e.


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