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[aprssig] APRS at Field Day 2005

Dave Putman (KE4S) KE4S at starband.net
Wed Jun 29 01:32:00 UTC 2005

 From west of DC (just west of Dulles Airport) my experience was very 
similar to yours.
I saw two fixed stations on .01, (one was my permanent home station, the 
other was at the home of another club member),
and several members of the LARG had their mobiles on .01 from the FD 
site and while cruising the local area.  Other than
these contacts, we saw NO other stations on .01.

After 20 hours on .01, I decided to put the FD digi back to 144.39 and 
did see one other site with a FD icon in the nearby
area, but it seems there might not have been much APRS FD activity  in 
our area.

Looks like we still have a ways to go toward creating a TEMPn-N net that 
works beyond local boundaries, at least in Northern VA.

Dave KE4S

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