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[aprssig] NEW! IC-V82 - VHF/APRS Transceiver

Richard Amirault ramirault at erols.com
Wed Mar 2 13:03:53 UTC 2005

There is a full page ad for it _inside_the_front_cover_ of the March QST.

Richard Amirault              N1JDU
Boston, MA, USA          Go Fly A Kite
----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Herb Gerhardt"
Subject: RE: [aprssig] NEW! IC-V82 - VHF/APRS Transceiver

> Yes, the info is available on the ICOM site http://www.icomamerica.com/
> But you have to enter the IC-V82 in their search window on that page and 
> it
> will lead you to a page where you can select the Sales Brochure or  Manual
> for downloading.  Then just pick the IC-V82 info and it will pop up on 
> your
> screen in Acrobat.
> You did not think they would make it so easy that anyone could find it, 
> did
> you?  Hi, hi....

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