[aprssig] RE: TH-D7AG Battery life

Brian B. Riley brianbr at mac.com
Wed Mar 2 11:12:56 CST 2005

The stock PB-39 NiCad from Kenwood for the TH-D7 is poor, thy all seem to
die very early on (10-16 months).

A friend recommended to me the Maha PB-39 NiMH replacement. There are two
forms, a 9.6 volt mid-range capacity and a 6 volt  1800 maH unit called the
PB-39H. I chose the latter. I found the 3 watts out instead of 5 watts was
unnoticeable in most use and  the longevity was incredible.  Haven't done
any specific tests but my guts feelings are it will run at least twice as
long as any other battery I have tried including the W&W. (the PB-39H
charges just nicely on the talkie from the wall wart  as the NiCad  did) I
have had the two PB-39H's on my two D7s for three years without any

Cheers ... 73 de brian, n1bq, underhill center, vermont

On 3/2/05 1:20 AM, "Herb Gerhardt" <hgerhardt at wavecable.com> wrote:

> So the bottom line is: For SAR use the TH-D7A makes a fine tracker and can
> be used all day as a tracker on a SAR team.  I can't speak for the stock
> Kenwood NiCd battery, since I have not used them in years and was never
> impressed by their performance.
> I had intended to repeat this test with my 2 year old battery but since the
> results with the 4 year old battery exceeded a full days tracker use, there
> was no need to conduct any additional tests.

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