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[aprssig] RE: TH-D7AG Battery life

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Wed Mar 2 21:46:01 UTC 2005

Herb Gerhardt schreef:
> Anyway, my WinAPRS recorded receiving a total of 550 packets from my TH-D7A
> during the next 19 hours and 5 minutes.  At that point it was still
> attempting to transmit for the next hour but the power level was now too low
> for my computer to pick it up.  The radio began beeping after about 20 hours

I didn't spot it in your message, but did you also enable battery save 
mode? If you are using the TH-D7 as tracker and don't care about APRS 
reception then you can just set BAT SAVER to 5.0sec.

If you did not do it then rerun your test, I think you can get even a 
longer running time that way...

Kind regards,


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