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Herb Gerhardt hgerhardt at wavecable.com
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You are correct, I neglected to state that.  I checked the radio and I had
it set for Battery Saver set at 2.0 sec.  That is where I normally run it at
and it seems to work good enough for me for also plotting most received
stations on my GPS as waypoints.

N7YGE also pointed out to me that I did not state whether I had an active
GPS connected to the radio.  No, I did not.  I had it set for GPS UNIT NOT
USED.  Jerry then pointed out that the GPS batteries probably would not last
as long as my TH-D7 battery did.  That may be true depending on which GPS
unit is used.  My GPS V with 4 fully charged 2100 mA NiMh batteries will
last for at least 10 hours.  It beeps about one hour before the batteries
get fully depleted and I always carry an extra set of batteries for the GPS
and my Radio.

The object of this test was to assure that the TH-D7A will last all day
while used in SAR as a tracker.  With my battery that does not seem to be a
problem.  I think both the radio and GPS will last at least 10 hours during
a Search which should be sufficient for normal SAR operations.  I would also
recommend changing batteries in the GPS and Radio, whenever a SAR team comes
back to SAR base and before they get deployed again.

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> Herb Gerhardt schreef:
> > Anyway, my WinAPRS recorded receiving a total of 550 packets
> from my TH-D7A
> > during the next 19 hours and 5 minutes.  At that point it was still
> > attempting to transmit for the next hour but the power level
> was now too low
> > for my computer to pick it up.  The radio began beeping after
> about 20 hours
> I didn't spot it in your message, but did you also enable battery save
> mode? If you are using the TH-D7 as tracker and don't care about APRS
> reception then you can just set BAT SAVER to 5.0sec.
> If you did not do it then rerun your test, I think you can get even a
> longer running time that way...
> Kind regards,
> Henk.

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