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[aprssig] NEW! IC-V82 - VHF/APRS Transceiver

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Thu Mar 3 02:09:09 UTC 2005

I talked to one of the Icom guys at DCC about stuff that could be done with
it.  I got the impression from him that Icom's really not interested in
supporting experimentation.  Looks like they just want to sell digital voice
radios with Ethernet ports to appliance operators.  Definitely didn't get a
warm fuzzy feeling from that conversation.


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The brochure says NOTHING about APRS, only that the radios can exchange
position by sending NMEA data to each other. This radio also does NOT have a
GPS built in. Does anyone know why it is that no one will make a modern APRS
radio? Why can I buy a marine VHF with a built in moving map/gps and DSC
position polling but Icom and Kenwood can't figure out putting a GPS in a
radio when every cell phone will soon have one?
73 de Joe N3HGB

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