[aprssig] PK-232MBX 60 sec pause prior to tx

Bill Bird billbird at cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Mar 2 20:58:09 CST 2005


I've been using my PK-232MBX for years without problem but have run into 
something in trying to help a friend get his PK-232MBX operating properly.

He bought his used and this is his first use.  He has Rel 01.Dec.93, V7.0.  The 
problem is with a delay prior to actual transmission through his IC-706.  He is 
using WinAPRS V2.5.1 and can receive packets and transmit packets but there is 
usually a long delay (about 60 seconds) before TX actually occurs.

For instance, with the WinAPRS terminal window open and after giving the 
converse command, and typing hello (return), you would expect transmission to 
occur if the DCD light is off, because the frequency is clear.

What happens is the light called STA goes on and stays on for about 60 seconds 
irregardless of the DCD light.  Once the STA light goes out transmission occurs 
normally when the DCD light is unlit.

On my PK-232MBX under the same situation the STA light would just flash on and 
then transmission will occur if the DCD light is unlit. If the DCD is on then 
the STA will stay on until the DCD light goes out and then transmission occurs.

For some reason his STA light will stay lit even when the DCD light is out and 
until the STA light decides to go out there is no transmission.

We have used the reset command on his PK-232MBX and compared his settings to 
mine but can't find the solution.

Any ideas?

Thanks and 73,

Bill Bird
Chesterfield, MO

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