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Tyson S. timbercutter at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 2 22:50:09 CST 2005

Allready done,


UIVIEW anyway.

--- "A.J. Farmer (AJ3U)" <ajfarmer at spenet.com> wrote:

> With APRS, when you send a message to another station, the software
> (or
> hardware in the case of Kenwood radios) tries a number of times to
> deliver
> the message, then gives up if the receiving station does not ACK the
> message.  With the connectivity available through the APRS-IS, we can
> now
> send text messages via APRS anywhere in the world.  The problem is,
> if you
> are messaging a far away station, you don't know if they are actually
> active
> on APRS during the particular moment that you send the message.
> This concept is very similar to cell phone text messages, however,
> the
> cellular "system" will store a message for days (7 or so?) until the
> recipient device is available on the "network" so it can make the
> delivery.
> In most cases, this is just a matter of the person being in a
> temporary "RF
> hole" such as inside a building or on a rural road.  With cellular,
> the
> message gets delivered as soon as the person gets back in range, with
> sorry, you missed the guy by a few minutes...
> I know this was not the original design or intent of APRS, but what
> do you
> all think of enabling this type of store and forward capability? 
> This
> system could be separate from the standard "tactical" type of
> messaging
> currently used.  I envision it would be set up similar to the EMAIL
> gateway.
> Perhaps there would be a gateway with an alias of "MSG".  To use this
> store
> and forward system, send a message to "MSG" with the recipient
> callsign-ssid
> as the first piece of the message and the actual message as the
> remainder.
> The "MSG" gateway will pick it up from APRS-IS and handle storage and
> delivery.  I'm not going to get into further "how it works" details
> at this
> point.  I just wanted to throw the general idea out there to see if
> there is
> any interest in this.
> What do you all think?  Good idea?  Stupid idea?  Already available
> somehow?
> 73!
> A.J. Farmer, AJ3U
> http://www.aj3u.com

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