[aprssig] Re: TH-D7AG Battery life

Josh Keller jeepin95 at comcast.net
Fri Mar 4 12:05:33 CST 2005

I thought this test was a good idea, and so I just tried it with one of 
the D7As we have for my SAR group. They haven't sprung for the larger 
batteries so we are stuck with the 9 month old original Kenwood battery. 
They never seem to last very long on missions, so I decided to give it a 
try. I set it up basically the same. I did a full charge cycle on the 
C777+-II, then setup callsign, status text, high power, 2 minute 
intervals. I got just over 9 hours out of the original Kenwood battery. 
Every 30 minutes the radio would hear my Xastir beacon, other than that 
it never had to decode packets. The one thing I did NOT do was connect a 
GPS, that will be in my next test, I'm curious what the difference is. 
I'm also going to try on L power because we used that with fairly good 
results by having a mobile digi.

Just thought I would share the results for those wondering about the 
stock battery....even though I'm probably the only one in the world 
still using it :)


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