[aprssig] alt input digipeater

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Mar 4 13:12:56 CST 2005

All ALT-INPUT digis should be visible because they all have
a name of 99XXXX... on the map and on the D& and D700...

>>> aprs at kd4rdb.com 3/4/05 9:25:47 AM >>>
>[But]... someone running a tiny track can't receive an object 
>to display or to know he's in an area served by ALT input.  

The local will know his area.  The prudent traveler can quickly 
do a map.findu.com/99* and quickly get a list of all alt-inpujt 
digis and maps of where they are...

>If we were to use a PL tone output on the main digi in town, 
>my 2m voice rig would let me know.

That would work. I'm not opposed to that at all.  I was just
pointing out all the other ways he can tell...  Bob

>... many of the old 2m rigs used with tiny traks don't have 
>PL tone decode... while that is true, most folks running a TT3
>do it on a 2nd rig.  I'd be willign to bet their primary rig in the
car has PL
>tone decode.

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