[aprssig] Future APRS in every radio

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Mar 4 13:44:07 CST 2005

>I get the feeling that... we'll have to go from a point 
>where APRS is a primary operation to a point where 
>APRS is simply an add-on that EVERYBODY does...

That SHOULD happen!.  And all we need is a small 
PIC plug-in to any existing radio that has a radio control
interface.  Here is what the PIC does in this VOICE radio:

1) Periodically QSY the radio to 144.39, listen for not-busy
    send STATUS packet "Bob is on 147.105 PL123"

2) Path for this packet  is via RELAY,WIDE1-1

What this does is:
1) Alerts everyone to what channel this voice user is on,
2) That he is LIVE
3) What PL is needed
4) What his name is
5) Where he is (on the planet)

ALl of this without any GPS.  Just a $5 PIC chip plugged
into the radio control port of an existing radio!

How is the position done?  EASY:
Remember APRS Vicinity Tracking?  APRSdos
and now FINDU will plot anyone with just a status
packet only in the vicinity of the DIGI that first
heard him.  Now that all WIDEn-N paths are
traceable, then every packet sent to RELAY or
to WIDE2-2 will always show the digi where it
entered the system.

Thus all mobile voice users will appear on the
global APRS system as to their approximate location
at least near enough to know how to reach them on
voice or via IRLP or Echolink.

ALl of this can be done with a simple pic and no
external GPS.  Nuttin.  Just the pic and a radio
with control capability.

The PIC just keeps an eye on the voice frequency
in use and periodically when the user is not using
the radio, does the QSY and transmission and

Since APRSdos and now Findu already plots vicinity plots 
from anyone that transmits ANY packet (and does not have 
a current position), this is fully compatible with existing APRS.
On APRSdos, these users show up in all lists, but on the
map, their symbol is just a question mark in the vicinity 
of their first digi and they are plotted with a large
ambiguity circle...


.  I mean, right now, most of us who run APRS 
have dedicated 2-meter rigs for that, a TNC, GPS, etc.  It's basically
second station in out house or vehicle.  At some point, we may or may
move to a spot where the PRIMARY station does it all.

         Just musing...

Earl Needham, KD5XB, Clovis, New Mexico DM84jk

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