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[aprssig] Future APRS in every radio

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Fri Mar 4 20:04:20 UTC 2005

Quoting Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu>:
> What this does is:
> 2) That he is LIVE

Let's us know he left his radio on.  He may be out of the car.  Or sleeping at
home.  Mostly I'm just poking at you here!

> How is the position done?  EASY:

The APRS / location part is pretty easy... but the QSY part is not.  Yes, it's
easy on a d700, but it already does APRS on the other 1/2, so it's a moot
point.  It would be really really cool to have a pic on the kenwood monitoring
the frequency setting of the right half of the radio and programming my status
text to match.

But alas, I don't know any other 2m mobile rigs that could be controlled
serially.  Several HF rigs, but no 2m mobiles... which leaves us largely at the
mercy of the OEM's to either give us this functionality or give us an interface
to hook our pic chips to.  Granted, mic up/dn buttons could be manipulated by
the PIC, but it'd still have no way to know the frequency you were on, or
sucessfully qsy to 144.39 and back.

How about we have the users just attach a tiny track to their radio and put a
callsign substitution TNC at the repeater site?  Or have some APRS user monitor
the output of the repeater for the mic-e burst and digipeat it over to 144.39? 
Either way, the tnc listening to the repeater would place it's callsign in the
path as the insertion point, and we'd know the location of the repeater, and
the frequency.  Then we'd vicinity plot the user near the repeater if he didn't
have a GPS... Now if the repeater didn't have muting, the user may want to set
the manual TX interval to 30 minutes so as to not get too annoying.

Best of all, it works with existing tech we have today... the mim module or the
tiny trak 3.


> Remember APRS Vicinity Tracking?  APRSdos
> and now FINDU will plot anyone with just a status
> packet only in the vicinity of the DIGI that first
> heard him.  Now that all WIDEn-N paths are
> traceable, then every packet sent to RELAY or
> to WIDE2-2 will always show the digi where it
> entered the system.
> Thus all mobile voice users will appear on the
> global APRS system as to their approximate location
> at least near enough to know how to reach them on
> voice or via IRLP or Echolink.
> ALl of this can be done with a simple pic and no
> external GPS.  Nuttin.  Just the pic and a radio
> with control capability.
> The PIC just keeps an eye on the voice frequency
> in use and periodically when the user is not using
> the radio, does the QSY and transmission and
> returns..
> Since APRSdos and now Findu already plots vicinity plots
> from anyone that transmits ANY packet (and does not have
> a current position), this is fully compatible with existing APRS.
> On APRSdos, these users show up in all lists, but on the
> map, their symbol is just a question mark in the vicinity
> of their first digi and they are plotted with a large
> ambiguity circle...
> de WB4APR
> .  I mean, right now, most of us who run APRS
> have dedicated 2-meter rigs for that, a TNC, GPS, etc.  It's basically
> a
> second station in out house or vehicle.  At some point, we may or may
> not
> move to a spot where the PRIMARY station does it all.
>          Just musing...
>          Earl
> Earl Needham, KD5XB, Clovis, New Mexico DM84jk
> http://kd5xb-2.no-ip.info
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