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[aprssig] sorting aprs data (sort / uniq

Andrew Rich (VK4TEC) vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sat Mar 5 03:32:52 UTC 2005


I want to sort some aprs data and count traffic.

Can anyone confirm this is the case ?

1) 'sort' sort the file alphabetically
2) 'uniq' returns occurances but they must be next to each other in the
3) 'sort data | uniq' sorts the data that uniq needs to single out
4) 'sort data | uniq -c' sorts and returns counts of unique occurances
5) 'sort data | uniq -c | sort -n' returns unique occurances and counts,
counts sorted smallest to largest 

I basically found data needs to be fed to uniq 

Cheers Andy VK4TEC

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