[aprssig] RE: IGate Abuse (Firenet Data)

dick at kb7zva.com dick at kb7zva.com
Sun Mar 6 12:08:15 CST 2005

>Funny, the CW information also
>produces false information, can be gated to RF (yes, TCPXX can be
>overridden), yet you whole-heartedly endorse that data be carried on
>APRS-IS (which I do to, by the way).  In our area, CW data would cause a
>lot more QRM than Firenet data.  Fortunately, we don't have someone
>gating it to RF even though they could.

I'm laughing so hard my chest hurts ;) Good humor Pete! For everyone else,
I had triple by-pass surgery a few weeks ago and Pete is trying to kill me ;)

You are so predictable by attempting to switch focus over to the CW/WX
program. Yes, I provide a majority of the CWxxxx feed
to the APRS-IS. The difference is it wasn't my idea or intent for the
packets to go RF at all. That's why they are all tagged as TCPXX. I have
never discussed or recommended that the TCPXX be overridden. I wanted
the CW's to hit the APRS-IS for good reason. Most all of the data is seen
by findU and mined for NOAA/NWS predictions.

Try this, if some Igate sysop in your area decides everyone should see
CWxxxx's on RF, use your own formula. Call the FCC or OO or anyone that
will listen ;) Besides they would have to go thru a lot of trouble to create
mass flooding. Example, in Ui-View you can strip the TCPXX (override), but
then you have to add each callsign completely in your xmit to RF file,
not just CW*. One would have to go thru a lot of trouble to flood them to RF.
That is a safeguard Roger(sk) and I worked on. I only mention Ui-View because
the program is used more than anything on APRS.

Yes, if someone overrides TCPXX that would be pure abuse of any network. They
xmit data to the APRS-IS at 10 min. intervals making the data extremely valuable
and up_to_date.

CWxxxx users have been around a long time. Long before Firenet and long before
javAPRSSrvr. Each weather station has human intervention associated with a real
name and a direct contact point. CW data is just as important and reliable as
WX data that come from hams. In fact, CWOP's and ham's use the same transport
system to get to the APRS-IS. Many hams use CW numbers instead of their own 
call signs. Some CW's have become licensed Radio Operators.   

I'm happy to report the Firenet problem will have resolution very soon. I'll attempt
another stage-left... unless you have anything productive to say. Or, attempt to
switch focus again :)

Dick, KB7ZVA

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