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[aprssig] RE: TH-D7AG Battery life

Walter Holmes walterh at k5wh.net
Sun Mar 6 18:15:22 UTC 2005

If you can get away with half the power of the 5 watt battery, the absolute
BEST way to have extended battery pack life, that just gets better and
better as the technology advances, is to use the Kenwood battery pack BT-11,
for less that $18.00. This uses 4 AA batteries of your choice. 

I have been using the Eveready 15 minute rechargeable versions, at 2300mah,
for NiMH style. (Try and find any other battery manufacturer providing that
today in a complete pack for the Kenwood radios) And each year, they
continue to get stronger and stronger. So if you ever have a cell go bad,
you replace it. WAYYYYY less that tossing a whole battery pack away, like we
have all done for years.

I'm sure the battery prices vary from store to store, but Target offers the
charger, and 4 of the batteries for $20.00. Then only $10.00 for another
pack of 4 AA batteries.

So I have a few of the BT-11 packs, for easy change out.

Just another possible solution, that may not work for everyone, but sure
works great for me.


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I have tried all (5 different mfgs total) the PB-39 replacements and the 
only one I would purchase again is the Maha product. It is far superior 
to all the others (WW, Kenwood, etc) in it's fit to the radio, life 
span, and performance. They cost a couple of dollars more than most of 
the others but those are dollars well spent.


Brian B. Riley wrote:
> The stock PB-39 NiCad from Kenwood for the TH-D7 is poor, thy all seem to
> die very early on (10-16 months).
> A friend recommended to me the Maha PB-39 NiMH replacement. There are two
> forms, a 9.6 volt mid-range capacity and a 6 volt  1800 maH unit called
> PB-39H. I chose the latter. I found the 3 watts out instead of 5 watts was
> unnoticeable in most use and  the longevity was incredible.  Haven't done
> any specific tests but my guts feelings are it will run at least twice as
> long as any other battery I have tried including the W&W. (the PB-39H
> charges just nicely on the talkie from the wall wart  as the NiCad  did) I
> have had the two PB-39H's on my two D7s for three years without any
> problems!



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