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[aprssig] Helmet Antenna - dont bother.

Geoffrey Dick wa4ikq at nevets.oau.org
Tue Mar 8 01:01:53 UTC 2005

SUBJECT: Helmet Antenna - (don't bother)  /  for bicycle

Chris, KB8UIH said:
> We have used a bike flag with a twinlead j pole taped...

The TAPR Packet Status Register (PSR) is huge resource for
information such as antennas for operating APRS from a bicycle.  
See the #92 Summer issue of 2004 "APRS on a Tandem Bicycle" 
which can be downloaded, free, from the TAPR web site.  The 
article begins on page 4 and has plenty of photos at the end.

See:  http://www.tapr.org/  for TAPR HOME PAGE 
      http://www.tapr.org/tapr.html/Fpsr.html  for PSR list

Kind regards,

Geoff, wa4ikq

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