[aprssig] Firenet on ahubwest?

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue Mar 8 13:08:38 CST 2005

It was pointed out to me that findU was now getting the firenet data. In
investigating this I see that Firenet data is now appearing on
arizona2.aprs2.net. findU had been connecting there to be sure there was no 2nd
tier data lost. Is this Firenet feed purposeful or accidental? If purposeful, is
there a tier 2 port somewhere I can use to grab tier 2 data without Firenet? I
dropped this connection from findU, if it is accidental perhaps someone can let
me know when the problem is resolved. (Is it related to the former
fourth.aprs.net becoming a Firenet server?)

Please, don't restart the Firenet good vs evil debate, what they are doing is
very valid, but since it is not of use to the vast majority of my users I do not
want the data on findU, both because of the additional storage demands it
places, and because of the clutter it adds for my users.

I have no way to delete the data already in findU, as always it will drop off
after 10 days or so, sorry for the inconvenience.

Steve K4HG

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