[aprssig] Firenet on ahubwest?

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Tue Mar 8 13:13:38 CST 2005

What you are seeing is a result of the absolute mess that was caused by 
the fourth.aprs.net domain being transferred to first, then back to 
fourth, then fourth becoming a firenet server.  arizona.aprs2.net was 
connected to "fourth" for a time yesterday after it had changed to a 
firenet server.  This is how the data appeared on the "main" APRS-IS.  
fourth has been removed from the Tier 2 outbounds and thus hopefully 
this situation will be resolved.  There has been no firenet data present 
on the "main" APRS-IS for about 24 hours now.

I would suggest better communication among the core sysops before 
changes are made and domain names are swapped.

Phil Pacier - AD6NH
Tier 2 Coordinator

Steve Dimse wrote:

>It was pointed out to me that findU was now getting the firenet data. In
>investigating this I see that Firenet data is now appearing on
>arizona2.aprs2.net. findU had been connecting there to be sure there was no 2nd
>tier data lost. Is this Firenet feed purposeful or accidental? If purposeful, is
>there a tier 2 port somewhere I can use to grab tier 2 data without Firenet? I
>dropped this connection from findU, if it is accidental perhaps someone can let
>me know when the problem is resolved. (Is it related to the former
>fourth.aprs.net becoming a Firenet server?)
>Please, don't restart the Firenet good vs evil debate, what they are doing is
>very valid, but since it is not of use to the vast majority of my users I do not
>want the data on findU, both because of the additional storage demands it
>places, and because of the clutter it adds for my users.
>I have no way to delete the data already in findU, as always it will drop off
>after 10 days or so, sorry for the inconvenience.
>Steve K4HG
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