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[aprssig] WiFi Object?

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Tue Mar 8 19:19:37 UTC 2005

Has anyone considered creating an object for WiFi access point?  I realize
the object table is rather full, so maybe
We could replace one of the least used symbols such as
One of the TCPIP's or the reserved (unassigned?) symbol.
I think having a WiFi object would be invaluable to those
Folks on the move, to know where to access wireless internet
FOR FREE.  I certainly don't support placing an object at every Starbucks!
For instance, here in the Seattle area, most public libraries in King and
Kitsap counties have free WiFi, and the ferry system is offering a free test
program at the 3 major ferry routes until the beginning of May.  I'd put a
few WiFi objects on the map if I had a symbol that made sense.

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