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[aprssig] KPC3+ and U800 not talking

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Wed Mar 9 01:49:57 UTC 2005

Do you know for a fact that the ultimeter is putting out anything for the kpc3
to catch/hear?


Quoting n1iic Jason Greene <n1iic at arrl.net>:

> Greetings, All. I am trying to get my Ultimeter 800 talking with a KPC3+ 8.3
> (and 8.2) and no matter how I configure or connect, I can't get the TNC to
> hear anything. The  U800 is sending correct data.
> TNC Settings: (for testing)
> BLT 1 e 00:00:10
> BLT 2 e 00:00:10
> BLT 3 e 00:00:10
> BLT 4 e 00:00:10
> GPSHEAD 4 !!
> I have the GPS string in there for testing, and the GPS didn't work either.
> It has worrked before, though.
> Everything is at 2400 baud, and when I connect the Ultimeter to the computer,
> APRS (or any com program) can see it fine.
> So, Data is coming out the end of the wire, The computer can see it, now
> I have tried every possible way to connect the U800 to the TNC, both through
> pin 2(data) - 6(gnd) on the radio port and both pins 2 and 3 (data) and pin
> 5(gnd) on the DB9 of the DB9/DB25 cable.
> I have tried both the terminal interface mode, and the GPS interface mode in
> all the connections I have desribed above
> I have spent/wasted hours on this, trying every option that I can think of. I
> hope someone has an idea.
> Thank You
> Jason n1iic

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