[aprssig] Refreshing OBjects in UIview?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Mar 9 07:32:57 CST 2005

>>> ad6nh at arrl.net 3/9/05 12:45:47 AM >>>
>Baker to Vegas is a l...relay race that tracks 120 miles ... 
>...230 teams ... 5,750 runners... around 50 [trackers].... 
>This year, I do intend to make use of objects to assist with 
>the tracking of ... 45 medics, helicopters,10 ambulances, 

If you are going to use UIview for object entry, I think there
may be two ideas for working around the fixed-rate problem:

1)  Spread out the object entry and update responsibiliity so 
that one PC does not end up having too many objects 
(UIview sends them all at once)

2)  Set the object rate to something low like maybe 30 minutes, 
but then once an object is moved or added to the map, that
station should "select" it 2 or 3 times in the next minute or so
to force a few early-on refreshes.  This will help improve the 
odds of everyone everyone capturing it, but then not burden 
the net with frequent repeats of ones already there..

My copy of UIview is on a PC at work that got swappped
out.  So I cant try it out myself.  But maybe Phil, you can
give us the "click strokes" to be able to most simply force
an update on an existing object?


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