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[aprssig] Refreshing OBjects in UIview?

John Kraus jfkraus3 at cox.net
Wed Mar 9 14:56:25 UTC 2005

At 08:32 AM 3/9/2005, you wrote:

>My copy of UIview is on a PC at work that got swappped
>out.  So I cant try it out myself.  But maybe Phil, you can
>give us the "click strokes" to be able to most simply force
>an update on an existing object?

Simple but labor intensive considering it is not required in APRSdos or 
Xastir which auto update correctly with the decay algorithm. Once entered 
you don't need to fool with it until it needs to be changed.

Put down mike

Access mouse

Maneuver cursor

On the toolbar ACTION > SEND OBJECTS

Release mouse

Pick up mike

Ask for repeat of information you missed during the above interval.

After 5-6 repeats of above juggling act do the following

Grab paper towels and clean up spilled coffee from lap and, hopefully, not 


Contrast this with Xastir

Right click map > OBJECT/ITEM>CREATE

Enter object data.

Click send

Return attention to net

Glance back object is already moving if speed or zoom are sufficient to see it.

15 minutes later with no intervention from the operator a new report comes 
in and the stations new location is known.

Right click the existing object OBJECT/ITEM>MODIFY  DELETE OBJECT

Reenter object at new location


The real difference is that UI-View requires the operator to constantly 
interact with the program in order to get it to do things that should be 
automatic.  There are also some things that can't be done at all.

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