[aprssig] APRS System Overiding Fundamentals - aprsdos

John Kraus jfkraus3 at cox.net
Thu Mar 10 09:42:27 CST 2005

At 10:10 AM 3/10/2005, you wrote:
>I've had APRSDOS on the internet using one of the many Serial Port Splitters
>and TCPTOSER.  Set the the TNC init commands to send commands to your
>APRS-IS server and BAM, Filtered ports! All this on Windows 2000.
>I'm not sure about APRSDOS not playing nice with Windows.  I think that's
>more of that myth that comes from the same guys that proclaim 16-bit apps
>will BSOD Windows XP just out of principle.  I've run DOS Apps (including
>APRSDOS) on 3.0, 3.1, 95,98, 2000, and XP with no problems.

Ditto here.  I just ran APRS872 under XP with no problems at all.  I do 
remember there being issues with 95 and 98 but they were fixable.

There is no reason for anyone to not at least become somewhat familiar with 
APRSdos these days.

Even more to the point is the fact that the mapfix40 program is available 
as source.  It would be very handy if this got ported to sleeker GUI.  I 
would love to see the capability added to use a transparent background that 
would let you draw maps directly over the image of a screen cap map. This 
would give the precision desired in the lightweight vector maps.  Xastir 
and many others could handle large scale maps with smaller ones created for 

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