[aprssig] Yaesu FT1500M

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu Mar 10 14:06:43 CST 2005

Does it support 9600 baud?

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> Scott.
> The Alinco DR135T has a DB9, which you don't need a microscope to wire, 
> and brings out all needed signals to connect to a standard modem or a 
> TinyTrak.  I have been running one with my TinyTrack for about a year 
> and am very pleased with the radio.  I did also connect it to a MFJ1270C 
> using the rear DB9 and it also worked well.  The audio out on the DB9 is 
> independent of the volume control.  One shortcoming is that there is no  
> way to automatically mute the microphone, thus I just pull it when using 
> for APRS, which is most of the time.
> There is a version of the DR135T with a built in TNC, with KISS mode 
> available, but I have heard it's temperamental.

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