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scott at opentrac.org wrote:

>>Look for "Kenwwood TM271 Manual.PDF" .  As usual, left-clicking the link
>>will try to open the PDF in your browser, while RIGHT-clicking will
>>offer to "Save Target As... " which is usually what one wants.  It's a
>>1.25MB file download.
>Thanks.  I tried getting it off their site at home and at work, and both
>places got a 0-byte file.
>>I would assume the hole in the case, and the pads on the PC board would
>>still be there for the din plug. Perhaps one could thread a pigtail made
>If so, I'll know soon enough.  I know a local Kenwood dealer... I'll see if
>I can get a part number for the connector if it's not something with an
>obvious equivalent I can get form Digi-Key.  If the pads and everything are
>there, I'll document the procedure and post pictures of the process.
Based on my previous experience with this sort of stuff, you'll have to 
acquire a service manual for the TM271; i.e. $25-$30 additional 
purchase. Normally Kenwood's service manuals document all national 
destination variations of a model , though the coding schemes they use 
are sometimes confusing and ambigious. 
     Usually there will be more than one set of schematics and board 
X-rays that will show different parts added, missing, or changed 
depending on destination.  
     For example, UHF rigs almost always have a gridded table showing 
different value inductors and/or caps depending on whether the radio is 
destined for Europe (430-440 MHz coverage) or North America (440-450).   
2M models sometimes show a different set of L and C values for US vs 
Euro for the same tuned circuits in RF stages,  to acheive a lower-Q 
broader tuned circuit. (The Euro 2m band is only 144-146 vs our 144-148. )

Note that in some cases, you will see THREE variations:  The Euro 
version (144-146 only with 1750 tone burst capability only), the US 
version (144-148 with PL encode/decode, touchtone support, and crossband 
repeat in the case of dual-banders) and a third version for Japan and 
Australia (144-146 coverage only, but US-style features like touch tone 
and PL.)  
      Usually the region frequency coverage can be changed by adding or 
removing nasty little surface-mount diodes or resistors and then 
resetting the CPU.  ( http://mods.dk  is the prime source of info on 
these "hacks". )

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