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[aprssig] APRS System Overriding Fundamentals - xastir

aa8ei aa8ei at cinci.rr.com
Fri Mar 11 11:02:53 UTC 2005

OK folks. I get it. BUT I tried to download the Linux/xastir software. Got 
a bunch of it successfully. Then couldn't make heads or tails of it.

I'm not familiar with UNIX or Linux. If I could find someone near 
Cincinnati who could show me the way, I'd bring the laptop over and we'd do it.

Problem is this. The knowledge base and learning curve are too steep for me 
alone. I'm just not interested in arcane languages any more. Besides, I 
want to be able to show this stuff off, and it's complicated enough doing 
promos with better known GUI stuff, such as WinAPRS, and particularly 
MacAPRS. This isn't just a home-bound interest. If I can't use and train in 
the field, I don't have what I want.

Finding the necessary coordinates to include maps is not reliable or even 
possible often enough to believe in it. As I say, this is not a home-bound 
interest. The commercial stuff can give the coordinates provided a map 
image can be extracted in usable format. Here comes the "if" curse again :)

I believe the add-on modules are wonderful examples of expertise and 
motivation on the part of individuals, but I'm hopeful of an inclusive product.

If the image looks kludged, or 'ham radio ish', to the non-ham folk trying 
to use it, it won't sell, or for that matter be acceptably given away. I 
can wait. I did show APRS to the National Disaster Coordinator of the 
Salvation Army a few years ago. I used the OK tornado images Dale supplied. 
I showed the time-display of the tornado images appearing. Then zoomed into 
the area under the image to show how a decision on deploying help to the 
necessary area could be derived from the images. He was favorably 
impressed. But the software then was not developed enough to show all the 
stuff of interest. I hoped further development would solve that problem. It 

I appreciate all the xastir suggestions. Maybe I'll try the downloads 
again. I tried WinAPRS again, but downloading all the map files is much too 
large a chore for more than a county or so. National data download is 
impractical. I was informed development was underway to make it automatic. 
The TIGER downloads are the solution to most of the map program for the US. 
Again, my interest is not local-bound.

Yes, I suppose I could be called 'lazy' but I'm championing new and more 
inclusive software development, stuck with using Windows OS because of the 
sheer quantity (my personal preference would be Apple OS) of users and 
equipment available. Ever tried to show off your pride and joy to a crowd 
and have one of those "uhhh" moments? You then know what I'm getting to.

Thanks much. I'm open to finding answers to all the questions I've raised.


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