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Two meter freqs in cable/TV systems; WAS Re: [aprssig] YaesuFT1500M

Rich Garcia k4gps at arrl.net
Fri Mar 11 14:16:46 UTC 2005

You know thought that too...But I got no other choice than to blame cable.
It happens on several different models of radios in both my truck, my wife's
(different brands) and in another member's truck. It also happens on my HT
and it is not just in one place (like my house where it could be something
else). I can drive around the community and it's there, it also comes and
goes in other communities so even though it may not be a specific channel on
cable I think
it's a old leaky horrible system that is causing it.

It really peaked my interest when my wife and I were both on UHF simplex
driving together in our trucks. We both had 146.55 on after the hurricanes
and when we drove past a couple of spots we both heard the same thing. Then
another ham heard me talking to her about it on another day on our repeater
and said he had the same problem.


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On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Rich Garcia wrote:

> Could be...our CERT team uses 146.55 simplex in addition to our UHF
> and
> no matter where I am I get a dead carrier coming in and out on both the
> mobile and HT
> more often than not. I no longer listen to .55 because of it.
> I also believe 145.19 is in the cable band.

  Rich the only cable frequency in the ham band is 145.250 (video) and
sound 149.750. It does splatter around that frequency +/-. I've had
problems around town from leaky amps and Comcast is fairly quick about
fixing it.



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