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Pl is fine Charles but it's not a magic trick that makes a signal go away.
PL will only shut off your speaker so you don't need
to hear the annoying signal. PL was first used in the major cities due to
things like intermod and mixing when repeater equipment was
not quite what it is today, very popular in NYC I know I grew up in the
metro area and grew up on many of the NY and NJ VHF/UHF/220
repeaters. It kept the machines from going keying up and down all day long
with squeals, voices, and then lids before the day of PL searches.

PL will not make a signal go away, if you have a CATV carrier on a frequency
in your operational area or on a repeater input, it will just
keep you from hearing it but not keep you from being interfiered by it.

PL's in the way of EmComms is a bad thing, training or not. You may know
your PL but not everyone responding to your emergency may know what
it is and even if you tell them that does not mean they know how to set it.
Training is key but you can not be assured that in a widspread
emergency it will only be your members responding. That comes from someone
who survived 2 hurricanes about 6 weeks apart from each other
and who's job took him to 2 additional hurricane stricken areaw in a matter
of 2 months. What we thought and what we trained for was true,
PL is fine day in and out but when the sheet hit the shan take the PL of.

OK off the soap box and I'll get back to packet.
Rich Ex. N2CZF and KA2FXA (Metroplex, 10/70, BARA, RMARC)

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On 3/11/2005 Rich Garcia wrote:

> Could be...our CERT team uses 146.55 simplex in addition to our UHF
> and
> no matter where I am I get a dead carrier coming in and out on both the
> mobile and HT
> more often than not. I no longer listen to .55 because of it.

> I also believe 145.19 is in the cable band.

> Rich


We deal with simplex, dead carrier and the like with CTCSS - here in
the NYC metro area, almost all the 2m repeaters use 136.5 as their
CTCSS tone.  We've chosen 162.58 as our default Simplex operations
freq, and the group KNOWS that we run with 136.5 encode and decode -
part of our SOPs.

That's the one BIG advantage to running public service events.
Everyone says "operator training" - that's OK, but the biggest value
is in doing After Action debriefs and Reports.  Use THAT data to
change how you operate your team

73 de KG2V

For the Children - RKBA!

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