[aprssig] TNC220 ok for UI-DIGI ?

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Fri Mar 11 13:56:14 CST 2005

vk4tec at tech-software.net wrote:

>Whats constitutes a TNC2 Clone ?
A TNC based on the original TAPR (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio 
organization) TNC2 design that will run with the TAPR firmware.  TAPR 
developed the hardware design and firmware, offered kits and bare 
boards, and also licensed the design to several commercial 
manufacturers.    Some,  such as MFJ127x  series and some Paccom units, 
actually used some or all of the TAPR-designed  PC board layout as-is. 

Some of the attributes of this design were:  Z80-based, up to 32K of 
static RAM, firmware in a 27576 EPROM space or equivalent (early units 
often had one or two 2764s, later ones had a single 27256),  an XR2211 
modem chip, etc.

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